Car shipping steps from Turkey


Car shipping steps from Turkey

  • Choose a shipping company:

    Choosing a shipping company that performs an international car shipping service from Turkey to the countries of the world is one of the most important points before starting to ship your car, and Speed ​​Cargo Logistics is one of the shipping companies that carry out this process efficiently and enables, as it has the ability to ship your car from Turkey to any country in the world With insurance and delivery to the country specified by the customer at a competitive price.

    Processing documents for the car:

    In all shipping operations, the papers related to the car and the documents required for shipment must be prepared. Speed ​​Cargo Logistics reviews all the necessary documents through a team of experts who take care of completing all paperwork and customs procedures, and these documents include:

    Customs clearance of the car from Turkey.
    Shipping Policy.
    Car papers (car license – car insurance).
    Customer identification papers (passport).
    Vehicle entry and exit sheet.

    Preparing the vehicle for shipment:

    The car is prepared for shipment, making sure not to put a large amount of oil inside it, and checking the presence of any important belongings inside it. The car will also be carefully examined by the company’s employees to ensure that there are no problems with the car before it is shipped.

Sea freight for cars from Turkey:

Sea freight is the most common and used method in the case of car shipping, where cars are assembled in ports and then loaded onto designated ships. There are three ways to load cars into ships:

Car shipping via RORO ships

The word RORO is an abbreviation for Roll on Roll Off, and this method includes driving cars into and out of large ships, where the car is then tied and installed on the ship to prevent it from moving. Drive those cars to and from the ship easily and quickly.

Car shipping via large containers:

In this method, the cars are loaded into steel containers, the sizes of those containers are from 20 feet and 40 feet, and the containers are suitable for all types and numbers of cars to be shipped, as the cars are linked inside the containers in a tight way to avoid their movement not being exposed to damage, and the method of shipping containers is a practical and safe way For Car Shipping.

Car shipping via special containers:

These containers are used to transport the customer’s car and are specially reserved for him, and they are more expensive than large containers, and the car is safely placed inside the customer’s container, and one of the advantages of these containers is that they allow the customer to put any personal belongings in the container with his car.

Cars are shipped by sea from anywhere in Turkey through four main ports:

Haydarpasa Port, Ambarli Port, Izmir Port, Mersin Port

Advantages of choosing Speed Cargo Logistics to ship cars by sea from Turkey:

  • Al-Fares ability and experience in following up and completing all documents and customs procedures necessary for shipping cars from Turkey.
    Speed ​​Cargo Logistics provides car insurance against freight risks.
    Speed ​​Cargo Logistics has good relations with international shipping lines that help in finding reservations and suitable prices for shipping cars from Istanbul and Turkey.
    Speed ​​Cargo Logistics always works to reduce costs on the customer while adopting the principle of competitiveness in sea freight for cars from Turkey.
    Speed ​​Cargo Logistics has a highly experienced team in sea freight operations that meets all customer requirements.
    The company offers a car shipping service from the customer’s door in Istanbul to the port of the desired destination, quickly and efficiently.

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