Air shipping

The Turkish government has sought to lead the way in air freight around the world, in an effort to activate import and export operations as well as stimulate trade to support the country’s economy.
He also worked to seek solutions for air freight to streamline air freight related procedures and protect customers.
Speed ​​Cargo Logistics, on the other hand, tried to rank first among the best cargo companies of Istanbul and Turkey in air cargo transportation.
In order to be among the reliable shipping companies in the field of air freight, we have worked to provide integrated services from financial solutions to customs clearance services for Swift payments, pursuing customer satisfaction.
Speed ​​Cargo Logistics has achieved a wide spread in the field of air transport.
Air freight to European countries
Air freight to Canada
air freight to america
Air freight to African countries
air freight to egypt
Air transport to Gulf countries
Also tried to find solutions to charge the extra weight


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