It is one of the most important commercial shipping methods due to various advantages including the possibility of sea transportation with different cargo sizes and weights such as containers to secure sea freight services at special prices.
Speed ​​Cargo Logistics has achieved success in the field of transportation and logistics by reaching more than one port in the world.
He established maritime shipping lines where he worked to organize shipment dates, to comply with delivery dates with his customers, to ensure that shipments reach their customers and to follow the route of shipments.
Speed ​​Cargo Logistics also worked to organize maritime transport operations, which were divided into two divisions.
He ensured that all the steps related to the coordination and organization of the containers according to the size of the goods and the ease and safety of the shipments were fulfilled.
By organizing the collection process for partial shipments, he worked to coordinate the loading dates with the customers and the timing of the collected container.
Available sizes of sea containers vary:
20 feet container
It has a volume of about 30-35 cubic meters.
It is 6 meters long, 2.25 meters wide and 2.25 meters high.
It has a maximum weight of 17-18 tons.
40 feet container
Its total load is 55-60 cubic meters
It is 12 meters long, 2.25 meters wide and 2.25 meters high.
It can carry a maximum weight of 20-22 tons


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