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Land Shipping

If we look at Turkey's position as a relevant country All over the world, the link between all or after linking China with Europe, passing through Turkey, by means of a freight train

Turkish government to support the national economy
import and export, as well as revitalizing businesses in an
effort to activate its operations, air sought leadership all
over the world in the field of transportation. world

Air Shipping

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If we look at Turkey's position as a relevant country, All over the world, after connecting the whole world or China to Europe, it passes by a freight train through Turkey.

Sea Shipping

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One of the active and important sectors in Turkey is the trade sector because Turkey includes most types of trade such as clothing trade and raw materials.

Commercial Services

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In addition to providing container, warehouse and storage services in and out of Turkey, we work to rent some of the warehouses, manage and organize the warehouses requested by the customers, and ensure the safety of the transported materials by working at high standards.

Our company, its management and team aim to provide an integrated and specialized service package in shipping from Turkey to the whole world, from commercial and legal services related to business operations, to financial services and payment services.,

Years of hard work have confirmed Speed Cargo Logistics’ success in the logistics and shipping services industry, including global shipping services.

Why Speed Cargo Logistics?
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Land transport

If we look at Turkey’s position as a country, it connects all regions of the world and passes through Turkey by freight train after connecting China to Europe.

Air transportation

The Turkish government has sought to lead the way in air freight around the world, in an effort to activate import and export operations as well as stimulate trade to support the country’s economy.

Sea ​​transport

In order to secure maritime transport services, the possibility of maritime transport with loads of different sizes and weights, such as containers, is one of the most important commercial transport methods.

Commercial services

One of the active and important sectors in Turkey is the trade sector, because in addition to the trade of building materials and industrial machinery, the trade of clothing and raw materials

Wide spread in the field of air transport covers it
Logistics information
Türkiye’den nakliye ile ilgili hizmetler ve bilgiler

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