One of the active and important sectors in Turkey is the commercial sector, as Turkey includes most types of trade, such as the trade of clothing and raw materials, in addition to the trade of building materials and industrial machines, and it is considered one of the leading countries in the trade of furniture and carpets

Turkey occupies an important geographical position in the middle of the east and west, and it is also a destination for many tourists due to the country’s history and heritage, the multiplicity of historical monuments and the picturesque nature

Turkey’s commercial role has emerged due to the diverse Turkish industrial market from textiles and industrial equipment to food, and the multiplicity of factories in it to meet the needs of the internal and external market, and the availability of manpower helped to lead in this field

Given the availability of raw materials in Turkey, this was an important factor to reduce production costs and its distinguished geographical location, as it includes many ports and airports, which facilitates the process of land, sea and air freight.


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